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Jam: From my experience living in the valley, the trees look pretty sick, even if they produce fruit anf seeds, I doubt theyll grow into healthy trees, I could give you a seed or two from my valley and see how that goes

You don’t know where I am, and I don’t know where you are. And I have no intention of revealing or figuring out any of those things.

So, no thanks.



Yes he is my son in so many words. He misses you by the way. Terribly. There's a reason that he's sort of disappeared from the blogging scene, and you might have a part in it.

Disappearing from the whole askblog things sounds like a smart move to me. And if it’s partially my fault, then I’ll continue keeping my distance from him.

Do u remember the Winter-ler. As in my wintry son. Do you ever think about him?

Your son? Uhm. Well. I hope he’s doing fine? Last I heard he’d gotten out of the ice block, so I assume he should be well by now.

There's no feathers on me to rustle. I just don't like cheap little cinemas. Goodbye.
Okay, can you please review then? At this point in time, is it possible to make thneeds AND OR do you currently have thneeds to sell? Second question is why don't you do something, like advertise or make a public appearance or announcement. Just let them all know that you are there?

I would do all of that, if I could make new thneeds. But as of now, the truffula trees are still not producing the quality tufts needed for production, and the boxes of thneeds I have still in my factory from years ago are not a large enough quantity to suffice for a re-release.

This is why I’ve been collecting seeds to try and grow new trees. I need to figure out why the tufts went bad, but it’s… Proved to be more troublesome then expected.

I will get to all of this, just- I just need more time. That’s all.

Have you ever considered having a positive outlet for all your feelings, such as artistic expression?

The Thneed was-… IS a work of art. And see where that got me.

I worry about you, my friend.

Sounds like a dumb thing to do.

Yes. I can in fact confirm that Cold-ler is 100% part unicorn.

Hope that’s working out fine for him then.

hello pot my name is kettle. you are black.


Yeah. Go talk to Cold-ler and ask him how his whole hair thing is going.

Cold? What, you saying he’s 100% unicorn just because he’s got fully white hair or something?

maybe if you stopped sitting there moping you might look a bit less old. Just sayin deary

Maybe if you stopped being a coward you’d look less grey and sphere shaped. Just “sayin”, dearie.

But it's just so ... so pretty ... you're starting to look like you're part unicorn

First oncest, now partially unicorn-lers. What’s next, alien beanpoles getting it on with each other on Uranus?

Your hair looks really cool!

No it does not.

Thank you for your brilliant “advice” miss, but I have no intentions of growing any truffulas out of my behind.

So thanks, but no thanks.